Bovans Goldline

A robust layer with good lay­ing per­sist­ency and excel­lent shell qual­ity. It handles the chal­lenges of multi-age farms and free-range pro­duc­tion with equal tenacity. It is con­sist­ent, reli­able and gives very good bot­tom line per­form­ance.

All our Birds are kept to the exacting standards of the lion code.

Our Free range hens roam freely and are monitored by the RSPCA, We take great pride in our farm and the products we supply , which is why we do the the whole job from start to finish.

Welcome to Lintz Hall Farm Eggs

Lintz Hall Farm is located just to the south of Burnopfield , 10 miles south west of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and 17 miles north west of Durham City.